Partners for Our Children

This bill adds sections in chapters 43.70 RCW and 18.225 RCW regarding increasing the behavioral health workforce and establishing a reciprocity program. 

Sec. 1 proposes a reciprocity program for applicants for licensure or certification as a behavioral health professional. The program will apply to individuals who:

·      Hold or have held a license/certification within the past 12 months that is in good standing from another state/territory in the U.S.

·      Have no disciplinary record or disqualifying criminal history.

This section also proposes a probationary license or certification to an applicant who meets the requirements of sec. 1 and allows the department to determine whether the applicant requires additional training. The department must also maintain and publish a list of foreign licenses/certifications that are accepted.

Sec. 2 establishes options for adoption of an interstate compact or compacts supporting license portability.


House Amendments (updated 4.12.19):

Relocates the reciprocity program to the chapters for the respective professions.