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SB 5065 : Concerning government performance and accountability

SB 5065 would establish an office of performance management, run by a governor appointed director, in charge of performance and accountability over state agencies. By January 1, 2018 the office would adopt a state strategic plan and a state performance management implementation plan. The office would assist state agencies in developing and implementing strategic plans and would require performance assessments of state agencies by independent examiners. The bill requires that cost savings realized from implementation of an agency performance management implementation plan be redirected as follows: to other critical operations within the agency; to improve performance under the agency performance management plan; to the office of performance management to improve performance under the state performance management implementation plan; and to reduce the agency’s biennial or supplemental budget, provided that agency personnel may not be terminated to comply with this requirement.  Additionally, the office would annually certify state agencies that were in compliance with the standards set by this office. 

EFFECT OF CHANGES MADE BY STATE GOVERNMENT COMMITTEE (First Substitute): Exempts the Washington Beef Commission from the requirements of the act.

EFFECT OF CHANGES MADE BY WAYS & MEANS COMMITTEE (Second Substitute): The creation of the Office of Performance Management, a state strategic plan, agency strategic plans, agency ethics plans, and agency performance management implementation plans are each made subject to the availability of amounts appropriated for these specific purposes.