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Medicaid coverage will be extended from sixty days to twelve months postpartum to increase access and continuity of health care, protect maternal and infant health, and address racial and ethnic disparities in maternal mortality rates. 

The Health Care Authority shall extend health care coverage from sixty days postpartum to twelve months postpartum for pregnant or postpartum persons who, on or after the expiration date of the federal public health

emergency declaration related to COVID-19, are receiving postpartum coverage provided under this chapter. 

Extended Medicaid will cover postpartum persons with an income equal to or below 193% of FPL, who are otherwise not eligible for social security assistance. All persons approved for pregnancy or postpartum coverage will remain eligible for twelve months after pregnancy ends, regardless of whether they experience a change in income during the period of eligibility. 

The Health Care Authority will first seek federal funding from Medicare and Medicaid.