Working to transform the child welfare system.

SB 5107 encourages the judiciary to provide for therapeutic court programs geared toward addressing specific needs within a given judicial jurisdiction.  The bill identifies the type of therapeutic courts that may be established, including family dependency treatment court of family drug court.  SB 5107 identifies a number of specifics related to how the courts should operate, who can participate, best practice principles that should be incorporated, the ability to apply for federal funds and more.  Jurisdictions that have authorized the one-tenth of one percent sales tax are permitted to establish and operate a therapeutic court component for dependency proceedings.  Additionally, the bill authorizes and encourages individual trial courts to establish multijurisdictional partnerships and/or inter-local agreements to enhance and expand the coverage area of the therapeutic court.  Any therapeutic court that meets the definition of therapeutic courts and exists on the effective date of SB 5107 continues to be authorized.