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SB 5149: Funding foundational public health services

The intent of SB5149 is to fund foundational public health services that are essential to protect public health.  The bill lays out a funding mechanism that includes a requirement that the insurance commissioner to assess health carriers, Medicaid managed care organizations, and third-party administrators for a per member per month assessment of $3.25.

Beginning March 1, 2022, and annually thereafter, each health carrier, Medicaid managed care organization, and third-party administrator must file with the commissioner a statement of all Washington state residents who are:

  • Covered under an individual or group health plan or an individual or group limited health care service plan 
  • Covered under a self-funded multiple employer welfare arrangement 
  • Enrolled in a group health plan administered by a third-party administrator.

Any health carrier, Medicaid Managed Care organization, or third-party administrator who fails to pay the assessment may be subject to penalties.