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SB 5182: Concerning juvenile record sealing

Language is removed that previously provided a route for juvenile records not to be sealed. Provisions stand for administrative sealings if the crimes committed follow under the outlined guidelines. Specifics of when a young person’s record may be sealed, including restitution that may be owed to victims, are outlined. The Washington state identification system, through the State Patrol, shall no longer provide criminal justice agencies access to sealed juvenile records information.


2nd substitute:

  • Eliminates contested sealing hearings for juvenile court records, making sealing automatic if the juvenile has turned eighteen years old, completed supervision, and fully paid restitution owed to individual victims.
  • Allows a juvenile to apply to have a court record sealed upon providing proof of payment of restitution and other requirements.
  • Prohibits criminal justice agencies from disclosing sealed juvenile record information accessed through WASIS to third parties that are not Washington state criminal justice agencies.
  • Requires the Administrative Office of the Courts to ensure sealed juvenile records are not disclosed disclosed during an appeal.
  • Allows court clerks to correspond with restitution recipients about sealed juvenile records.