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SB 5327: Creating a confidential youth safety and well-being tip line

SB5237 directs the Attorney General to establish a tip-line program for receiving and responding to tips from the public 21 regarding risks or potential risks to the safety or well-being of youth, called the YES tip line program. Risks to safety or well-being may include, but are not limited to, harm or threats of harm to self or others, sexual abuse, assault, rape, bullying or cyberbullying, substance use, and criminal acts.  The legislation defines that no one in need of help will be turned away, the terms for a vendor to manage the YES tip line program and how the calls will be managed, especially regarding confidentiality and rules with law enforcement and mental health officials and terms in which disclosure may occur. SB5237 asserts what may happen in the courts if a person is charged with a criminal offense as a result of a YES tip line.

SB5237 creates a community mental health safety fund.

Finally, the law establishes that the attorney general file an annual evaluation report.