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SB 5378: Concerning the preservation of housing options for participants in government assistance programs

SB 5738 would deny the following actions directed toward an eligible applicant or tenant based on their source of income: 1) refusal to lease or rent a property, 2) expelling a tenant from a property, 3) make any distinctions or restrictions to the rental, lease, or occupancy of the property, 4) attempt to discourage the rental or lease of property to an applicant, 5) publish, circulate, or display communication indicating source of income, 6) assist, incite, or coerce another person to commit an act that violates this section of the bill, 7) coerce, intimidate, or threaten any person from exercising any right granted under protection of this section; 8) represent that a dwelling unit is unavailable when it is actually available, or 9) otherwise make unavailable or deny dwelling in a unit that, but for their source of income, would be eligible to rent the property.

The bill stipulates that source of income includes income derived from social security, supplemental security income, other retirement programs, and any federal, state, local, or nonprofit-administered benefit or subsidy program, including housing assistance, public assistance, and general assistance programs. The bill specifies that source of income does not include income derived in an illegal manner.