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SB 5385: Concerning tele-medicine payment parity

Allows health carriers to reimburse providers for health care services provided through telemedicine or store-and-forward technology to a covered person at the same rate as if the health care service was provided in person by the provider. It also amends that date for health plans offered to employees, school employee, and covered dependents and provides same parity as outlined above. The bill outlines the conditions that must be met for parity of reimbursement. 

The act will begin on January 1, 2020.


Updated on 4.12.19:

The substitute bill:

  • Removes the requirement that all telemedicine and store and forward services be paid for at a rate the same as if the services was provided in person.
  • Requires health carriers, beginning January 1, 2020, to reimburse for telemedicine services at the same rate as if the service was provided in person, except that hospitals, hospital systems, telemedicine companies, and provider groups of 11 or more providers may negotiate and agree to reimbursement rates that differ from in-person services rates.

The telemedicine collaborative is directed to study store and forward technology with a focus on utilization, whether it should be paid at parity, the potential for the technology to improve rural health outcomes, and ocular services.