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SB 5389: Establishing a telehealth training and treatment program to assist youth

The University of Washington (UW), in collaboration with the Extension for Community Healthcare Outcomes project (Project ECHO), is directed to develop a training program for identifying students at risk for substance abuse, violence, or youth suicide in schools.

All certificated and classified employees at each school are required to be trained on this student risk assessment beginning in the 2021-22 school year.

The UW is required to seek grants, gifts, and donations to fund the development of training curriculum and reimbursement for health care services provided by psychiatrists and psychologists for the provision of teleconsultations to students.

Certain school staff are required to screen students for risk of substance abuse, violence, or youth suicide, if a student is identified to potentially be at risk.

School districts are required to, subject to consent, schedule one teleconsultation for students determined to be at risk, and a second teleconsultation if recommended by a psychiatrist or psychologist.