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SB 5397: Relating to establishing outcome measures for the community mental health service delivery system

Sponsored by Senator Keiser, SB 5397 states that the Department of Social and Health Services will establish procedures for measuring client outcomes and delivery system attributes for the community mental health service delivery system. These measures must be made publicly available in a form that allows for the comparison of outcomes and levels of improvement between geographic regions. Client outcomes to be monitored include improvements in health status, employment and education, housing stability, quality of life, access to treatment, as well as reduced criminal justice system involvement and avoidable utilization of emergency health services. Delivery system attributes to be monitored include increases in use of evidence-based, research-based, and promising practices; reductions in boarding practices for crisis patients; instances of collaboration with law enforcement and criminal justice agencies; and effectiveness in monitoring health status of forensically involved mental health patients released from incarceration or involuntary commitment. The department will also propose an incentive system that would reward superior performances.