Working to transform the child welfare system.

Sponsored by Senator Carrell, SB 5403 states that the DSHS Office of Financial Recovery may establish and recover financial assistance payments received by persons under the child welfare training and advancement program who subsequently failed to comply with the terms of their participant agreement. It may also recover funds paid by the department on behalf of the participant. The department may also recover overpayments made to current or former employees. If the Department of Early Learning imposes a fine against a child care provider, the Office of Financial Recovery may enforce the final debt. The department may recover funds through lien and foreclosure, distraint, seizure and sale, order to withhold and deliver, or other legal action available.

Substitute bill:  As amended, SB 5403 adjusts the definition of CWTAP is to recognize that a student may fulfill their employment requirement by working for DSHS or another entity approved by DSHS.  Provisions requiring a salary overpayment to be automatically deducted from an employee’s wage is removed.  Specific authorization for DSHS to adopt rules is removed as DSHS already has that authority.