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SB 5437: Relating to Breakfast After the Bell

SB 5437 is the companion (same as) to HB 1295.

As amended by the ELK-12 Committee: The bill now specifies that the list of breakfast after the bell models is not exhaustive. A provision is added that the state must provide and OSPI must administer one-time start-up allocation grants of up to $6,000 to each high-needs school implementing a breakfast after the bell program. Examples of how the grant must be used is specified.

OSPI is directed to evaluate individual participation rates annually and make the participation rates publicly available. The time that students engage in educational activity and consume breakfast must be provided during instructional hours. A provision is added that the State Board of Education must only adopt rules that permit student participation in breakfast after the bell during instructional hours. SB 5437 specifies that the legislature does not intend to include the funding for breakfast after the bell programs within basic education funding. OSPI is directed to maintain a list of opportunities for philanthropic support of school breakfast programs and make the list available to interested schools. OSPI must also incorporate the annual collection of information about breakfast after the bell delivery models into existing data systems and make the information publicly available. A null and void provision is added.

Second SSB 5437 as amended by the Senate Committee on Ways and Means: The BAB program start-up grants are phased in over a three-year period giving priority to the highest poverty schools. The school must implement the BAB program beginning in the year the start-up grant is awarded. The mandatory requirement that the period of time designated for the participation of BAB must be counted as instructional hours is changed to permissive.