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SB 5536: Establishing a collaborative school-based governance model

SB 5536 defines and authorizes a collaborative school-based governance model that schools can voluntarily adopt. This model is similar to other models implemented across 19 states and is intended to increase staff and parent involvement in school design, advance school and student success, and improve schools’ climates. The model requires school decision making to shift from a centralized process to a participatory school-based team process that involves educators, staff, students, and parents. Each school will be responsible for developing the written procedures guiding their governance model. State and local funding is not contingent upon a school’s implementation of this governance model.

The bill additionally outlines that each school using this governance model will submit an annual progress report to the Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction describing the planning process and results of implementing the governance model.

SB 5536 also states that grants must be provided to school districts with schools implementing or interested in implementing the collaborative governance model.