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SB 5651: Establishing a kinship care legal aid coordinator

Creates a role within the Office of Civil Legal Aid entitled Kinship Care Legal Aid Coordinator and states that the office may contract with a separate nonprofit legal aid organization to satisfy the requirements of this section.

Establishes duties and working partnerships/relationships for the legal aid coordinator.  Also establishes an oversight committee to monitor, guide, and report on kinship care recommendations and implementation activities.

Amends current law such that the department also coordinates with the Kinship Care Legal Aid Coordinator to develop, expand, and deliver training materials designed to help pro bono and low bono attorneys provide legal advice and assistance to kinship caregivers on matters that relate to their ability to meet physical, mental, social, educational, and other needs of children and youth in their care.

Takes effect June 30, 2019.


House Amendments (Updated on 4.12.19):

  • The Appropriations Committee added a null and void clause, making the bill null and void unless funded in the budget.