Partners for Our Children

SB 5663 would require the department of social and human services to contract with a private nonprofit organization that agrees to work collaboratively with independent living providers and the department that is selected after a competitive application process to provide driver’s license support for foster youth, including youth receiving extended foster care services.

This support must include: (1) Reimbursement of fees necessary for a foster youth to obtain a driver’s instruction permit, an intermediate license, and standard or enhanced driver’s license; (2) Reimbursement of fees required for a foster youth to complete a driver training education course, if the foster youth is under the age of eighteen; (3) Reimbursement of the increase in motor vehicle liability insurance costs incurred by foster parents, relative placements, or other foster placements adding a foster youth to his or her motor vehicle liability insurance policy.

The bill also requires the selected nonprofit to submit a report to the department and legislator documenting the number of foster youth served by the program, the average cost per youth served, and recommendations for future policy or statutory or funding changes necessary to more effectively allow foster youth to obtain drivers’ licenses and motor vehicle liability insurance.