Partners for Our Children

SB 5684 adds new requirements, beginning July 1, 2016, prohibiting the manufacturing, selling, or distributing for use residential upholstery or children’s products containing TDCPP or TCEP, or any other flame retardant chemicals of high concern for children. Flame retardants in product components cannot be in amounts greater than 100 parts per million.

Exception to these restrictions:

  1. Manufactures who demonstrate there is no technically feasible (an alternative available at a cost and quantity to produce an economically viable product) safer alternative to meet state or federal fire safety standards; however, this exemption cannot exceed two years.
  2. The sale or purchase of previously owned products containing a chemical restricted under this chapter made in casual or isolated sales, or by a nonprofit organization.

Manufacturers must submit, within 60 days of the request, a certificate of compliance, including the chemical names of flame retardants, and it must remain on file for as long as the product or product components contain flame retardants. If the product or product component is no longer for sale or distribution, the certificate must remain on file three years from the date of the last sale or distribution.

This bill adds a clarifying definition of child care seats as a portable infant or child safety seat designed to attach to an automobile seat.