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SB 5706: Addressing parent-initiated behavioral health treatment for children aged thirteen to seventeen years old

SB 5706 requires a parent to, during the evaluation of a minor at the request of the parent and during the course of medically necessary treatment commenced pursuant to the evaluation, be considered the personal representative of the minor for the purpose of transmission of medical information, making treatment decisions, and reviewing the compliance of the minor with treatment recommendations. Suspends RCW 71.34.500 through 71.34.530 (certain mental health services for minors) for the limited purpose of this evaluation and course of follow-up treatment, unless the parent agrees to a confidential relationship between the child and the health care provider, or the receipt of new information or a material change in circumstances causes the provider to reevaluate the medical necessity for treatment.

Proposed Substitute bill changes:

Provides that this act does not authorize disclosure to the parent of information relating to the substance use disorder treatment of a youth to the extent that disclosure of this information is prohibited under federal law. Disclosure is permitted consistent with the parent’s role as personal representative if federal law changes in this area. A definition of personal representative is added, which specifies that the term has the same meaning as in regulations implementing HIPAA.