Partners for Our Children

SB 5740 is the companion (same as) to HB 1735.

Ways and Means Amendments:  SB 5740 was amended in the Ways and Means committee and now includes:  Language stated that subject to the amounts appropriated for this purpose, a new category of extended foster care is added for youth who are unable to engage in eligible activities due to a medical condition; requires DSHS to use providers with a valid Medicaid core provider agreement, unless thecondition of the extended foster care youth is emergent; and requires DSHS to coordinate services to maximize federal resources and the most cost efficient delivery of services for extended foster care youth.

As amended by the Early Learning and Human Services Committee:  The amendment removes the language “within amounts appropriated specifically for this purpose” for purposes of extended foster care eligibility when a youth is engaged in employment for 80 or more hours per month and when a youth is not able to engage in the eligibility categories due to a documented medical condition. The bill now specifies that the department shall make efforts to ensure that extended foster care providers maximize Medicaid reimbursement and that this must include ensuring that extended foster care health and mental health providers participate in Medicaid. Further, it requires the department to direct youth who may qualify for developmental disability services to apply for those services and provide assistance in the application process. A null and void clause is added, lastly,  a delayed effective date of July 1, 2016 is added.