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SB 5807: Improving behavioral health outcomes by enhancing engagement of state hospitals

SSB 5807 states that by January 1, 2024 each state hospital shall establish a Bureau of Family Experience devoted to enhancing engagement between state hospitals and a patient’s family or natural supports. The Bureau shall oversee establishing contact with a patient’s family member or other natural support, providing systems navigation information, education, and training; information on what patients may expect in a hospital, etc. The bill provides information on the staffing of each Bureau and instructions for what hospitals should add to their admissions processes with the establishment of the Bureau. Additionally, the bill outlines how the Department of Social and Health Services shall contract with the University of Washington to assist with Bureau development. The bill changes the definition of “mentally ill person” to “person with mental illness” and adds the Child Study and Treatment Center at Fort Steilacoom as a listed state hospital.