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SB 5809: Relating to the home visiting service account

Sponsored by Senator Litzow, SB 5809 states that federal funds for home visiting will be placed into the Home Visiting Service Account. The Department of Early Learning and the nongovernmental public-private partnership will determine the match rate of private funds each year and the nongovernmental public-private partnership will regularly report back to the department to demonstrate that sufficient matching funds are being invested into the account. Expenditures from the account are no longer exempt from the appropriation and allotment provisions of Chapter 43.88 RCW. Programs may be funded through a competitive bid process or in compliance with the regulations of the funding source.

As amended by the House:  Makes the Home Visiting Services Account (HVSA) a fully appropriated account.  Directs all federal funds received by the Department of Early Learning (DEL) for home visiting to be deposited into the HVSA.  Designates the DEL as the lead agency for home visiting.  Adds legislative intent that state funds be matched at 50 percent.  Limits administrative cost to an average of 4 percent in any two consecutive fiscal years.