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SB 5814: Concerning health coverage for young adults

This act recognizes that while WA has extended Apple Health coverage to all children residing in the state, federal law excludes undocumented immigrants from receiving coverage. As a result, young adults without status age out of eligibility for Apple Health on their 19th birthday, leaving them uninsured.

Therefore, the legislature intends to improve the health of all young people in WA state by extending eligibility for Apple Health to all low-income young adults, regardless of immigration status.

Moreover, a new section is added to RCW chapter 74.09 to include:

  • The WA State Health Care Authority must provide coverage to individuals who:
    • Are at least 19 years old and no older than 26;
    • Have a countable income that is at or below 133% of the federal poverty level, adjusted for family size and determined annually;
    • Are not incarcerated; and
    • Are not eligible for categorically needy medical assistance as defined in the Social Security Title XIX state plan.

Finally, the Authority shall seek federal funding, as available, to support state costs associated with expanding coverage to the individuals mentioned in this new section.

*Companion to HB 1697*