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SB 5852: Relating to behavioral rehabilitation services

SB 5852 states that it is the intent of the legislature to restore the behavioral rehabilitative services rates to appropriate levels and ensure that future rates address the real costs of care. Additionally, the bill directs the Dept. of Social and Health Services, within appropriated funds, to dedicate a specified amount to BRS ($69.6 General Fund State); requires that BRS provider rates be increased no less that 15.2%; requires that subsequent rates be adjusted annually to reflect the cost of care and be determined by a licensed actuary and reviewed by the Governor’s Advisory Committee on Vendor Rates; and directs the department to create a differentiated BRS rate for licensed group homes which provide residential services to children (at a rate of 150% of the BRS therapeutic foster care rate). Finally, the bill creates a Governor’s Advisory Committee on Vendor Rates, designates the membership, and specifies the duties and powers of the Committee. The purview of the Committee includes the rates or fees of all vendors of goods, services, and care purchased by the department of social and health services including all medical and welfare care and services.