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The bill states that the department of children, youth, and families has a duty to comply with existing law by assuring that youth in the custody of a juvenile institution who are enrolled in school and who are in need of a special education assessment receive the assessment in a timely fashion as required by federal law.  The bill goes on to address the requirement that when a youth in a juvenile institution is in need of a special education assessment reasonable efforts are made to contact a person authorized to act as a parent in order to authorize the appropriate special education assessment.  If after reasonable efforts have been made and it is determined that a surrogate parent is needed the assignment of a surrogate parent must occur within 30 days. Finally, DCYF must review the educational records of all children receiving instruction within a juvenile rehabilitation facility for the purpose of establishing whether any children in its care are in need of special education assessments and ensure that they receive them.  Finds shall be reported by Oct. 1, 2019.