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SB 6074: Relating to enacting provisions to improve educational outcomes for homeless students

SB 6074 improves educational outcomes for homeless children by strengthening the ability of school districts to identify homeless students, establishing data reporting requirements, and distributing best practices and information regarding services and support for homeless students. The legislature finds that since the 2005-06 school year, the number of homeless students identified in the K-12 public school system has been increasing and there are additional homeless students who are not identified by schools.  

Some bill requirements include the office of the superintendent of public instruction to report to the governor and the legislature certain data for homeless students, develop or acquire a short video that provides information on how to identify signs that indicate a student may be homeless, how to provide services and support to homeless students, and why this identification and support is critical to student success, and adopt and distribute to each school district, best practices for choosing and training school district-designated homeless student liaisons.

Substitute bill: As amended, SB 6074 requires school districts to include information about services and support for homeless students in existing materials that are shared with students. The bill strongly encourages school districts to use a variety of communications each year to notify students and families about services and support available to them if they experience homelessness. The date and pattern by which OSPI must report to the Governor and Legislature data on homeless students are changed. Additionally, the bill changes the frequency by which each school district is strongly encouraged various activities by school staff.