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SB 6181 states that as a condition of receiving a child care subsidy or a working connections child care subsidy, the applicant or recipient must seek child support enforcement services from the department of social and health services, division of child support, unless the department finds that the applicant or recipient has good cause not to cooperate. Additionally, payment for subsidized child care services or working connections child care services shall constitute an authorization to the department to provide the recipient of the subsidy with support enforcement services. The department is authorized to collect, but not retain, child support payments under this subsection.

Substitute bill: As amended, SB6181 would require the Department of Early Learning (DEL) to establish and implement policies to train staff on child care subsidy fraud, including methods to detect suspected child care subsidy fraud, DEL’s procedures for reporting suspected child care subsidy fraud to the Office of Fraud and Accountability (OFA), and OFA’s procedures for reporting child care subsidy fraud anonymously.