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SB 6209: Relating to expanded learning opportunities

SB 6209 states that access to quality expanded learning opportunities during the school year and summer helps reduce summer learning loss and improves academic performance, attendance, on-time grade advancement, and classroom behaviors. Expanded learning opportunities is defined to mean structured, intentional, and creative learning environments outside the school and out-of-school learning, and create enriching experiences for youth using activities that complement classroom-based instruction. The opportunities may be provided before or after school, during the summer, or as extended day, week, or year programs.  Further, expanded learning opportunities are provided by community based organizations, which may include school-based, after school, youth development, or faith based organizations.

The bill would increase expanded learning opportunities to improve educational outcomes and close the persistent academic opportunity gaps between students. SB 6209 intends to build capacity, identify best practices, leverage local resources, and promote a sustainable expanded learning opportunities system for students in early elementary through secondary schools by providing an ongoing work group and infrastructure that helps coordinate expanded learning opportunity efforts throughout the state.

In order to do so, the bill establishes an expanded learning opportunities council to advise the governor, the state legislature, and the superintendent of public instruction regarding an expanded learning opportunities system. This requires the governor’s office, in consultation with the superintendent of public instruction, to convene the council.