Partners for Our Children

Leverage current collaboration and investments to align services, outcomes, accountability, and resources to achieve educational equity for children and youth in foster care by the year 2027. The goal of this effort is to ensure that children and youth in foster care achieve educational outcomes at the same rate as their general student population peers. This collaboration should include an analysis of where the foster care continuum could align with the homeless youth continuum.

DCYF, OSPI, and WA Achievement Council will convene a work group and report to the legislature by December 31, 2018 with analysis and recommendations. 

*Companion to HB 2877

The substitute on 6223 makes the following changes:

• Adds “children and youth experiencing homelessness” throughout the bill where foster children and youth are mentioned. 

• Removes provisions in the intent section focused only on foster children and youth. 

• Adds that the Department of Commerce’s Office of Homeless Youth Prevention and Protection Programs must help with convening the work group.

• Adds postsecondary education advocates to the list of stakeholders participating in analysis and development of recommendations. 

• Provides that improving racial equity in educational outcomes includes ethnic equity.

• Changes individualized education “plans” to “programs.” 

• Provides that the report to legislature is due December 17, 2018 instead of December 31 and expires this act on December 31, 2018. 

• Amends to the title to refer to vulnerable children instead of only foster children and youth.

Amendments made on the Senate floor note that disclosure of confidential information is protected under federal or state law and confidential information received by the work group retains its confidentiality and may not be further disseminated except as allowed under federal and state law