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SB 6234: Relating to compliance with inspections of child care facilities

SB 6234 states that the Department of Early Learning may not require changes of a child care facility due to inconsistencies with requirements in the state building code, unless the department receives notification from a city or county enforcement official. 

The Dept. of Early Learning is prohibited from modifying, suspending, or revoking a child care license or business activities while the department is waiting for appropriate agency inspections, unless there is imminent danger for children or staff. If the appropriate agencies do not find imminent danger for children or staff, the department will be held responsible for business losses due to the modification, suspension, or revocation.

The bill also requires the chief of the Washington State Patrol and the director of fire protection work together to develop a timeline of compliance with applicants for child care licenses to correct any identified minimum standard violations.

Substitute:  As amended the bill does the following:

Prior to requiring any alterations to a child care facility due to inconsistencies with the state building code, DEL must consult with a city or county official and receive written verification that the alteration is required. The consultation is limited to licensed child care space. While waiting for the consultation and written verification, DEL may not modify, suspend, or revoke a license unless there is imminent danger to children or staff.