Partners for Our Children

SB 6245 addresses the role of parties in certain notices and records relating surrender of a concealed pistol license, truancy records of certain juveniles, adoption decrees and statistical data, appeal of nonrenewal of contract for certificated educational employees, nonpayment of judgment with regard to certain financial responsibility provisions, dissolution of port and other districts; and dependency and termination of parent-child relationships.

Regarding the sections of the bill specific to child welfare, the bill states that the petitioners in an adoption case are responsible for forwarding an adoption data card directly to the Department of Health (DOH) after the decree of adoption is entered with the court. The adoption data card must include the superior court case number. A statistical data card is provided by the clerk to the petitioners in adoption cases. Each petitioner must complete the adoption data card and forward it to DOH. A new birth certificate is not issued until the adoption data card is completed and forwarded to DOH.

Additionally, SB 6245 would require that in dependency and termination petition filings, the petitioning party, not the clerk, issues the necessary summons.

Substitute bill:  The bill removed sections 3 and 4, which were the sections related to the adoption data cards.