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SB 6374: Relating to addressing parent and child relationship termination

SB 6374 states that if a child is conceived as a result of a sex offense of incest, a court must order that a petition seeking termination of the parent and child relationship be filed upon conviction of the parent. Additionally, the bill identifies that if a parent has been found guilty of a sex offense or incest, the permanent parenting plan shall not require mutual decision-making or designation of a dispute resolution process. SB 6374 also states that an alleged father’s, birth parent’s, or parent’s consent to adoption shall be dispended with if the court finds that the proposed adoption is in the best interests of the adoptee and the alleged father, birth parent, or parent has been found guilty of rape or incest, where the other parent of the adoptee was the victim of the rape or incest and the adoptee was conceived as a result.