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SB 6398: Relating to child support

SB 6398 addresses issues related to child support by doing the following:

Requires that effective July 1, 2014, DSHS pass through child support that does not exceed one hundred dollars per month collected on behalf of a family, or in the case of a family that includes two or more children, an amount that is not more than two hundred dollars per month.

Directs any person or entity doing business in the state of Washington who is required to file a report with the IRS for services received from an independent contractor in the course of doing business, shall report to the WA state support registry the hiring of any independent contractor who resides or works in this state to whom the person or entity anticipates paying compensation.

Establishes a gambling payment intercept program to require licensees to withhold payments from winning players who owe past due child support. Additionally, the bill requires DSHS to develop and maintain a gambling payment intercept registry to allow licensees to determine if a winning player owes past due child support.