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SB 6442: Relating to enacting the equal pay opportunity act by amending and enhancing enforcement of the equal pay act and protecting worker communications about wages and employment opportunities

SB 6442 amends current statute regarding the Washington State equal pay act. The bill would amend language regarding discrimination between the sexes and paying females lower wages to language that discriminates in providing compensation based on gender between similarly employed individuals. In addition to pay discrimination the bill would focus on employees who receive less favorable employment opportunities on account of gender. The bill adds language that an employee is entitled to recover any actual damages — statutory damages of twice the actual damages or $5000, whichever is greater; interest of one percent per month on all compensation owed; and costs and reasonable attorney’s fees. The bill also amends statute to prohibit an employer from requiring nondisclosure by an employee of their wages as a condition of employment or discharging an employee or retaliating an employee for inquiring about, disclosing, or comparing wages. The bill would mandate that employers may not discharge or discriminate against employees who have filed a complaint relating to the content of this bill. The bill provides stipulations for administrative enforcement of the bill.