Working to transform the child welfare system.


SB 6511: Increasing equitable educational outcomes for foster care and homeless children and youth from prekindergarten to postsecondary education

An equitable opportunity for education shall be provided to all youth impacted by the foster care system, homelessness, or both. The legislature intends to meet the goal of educational parity these by 2027, meaning that these students shall have the same education achievement outcomes as their general student population peers from prekindergarten through postsecondary education.

The Project Education Impact Work Group shall be convened with members from OSPI, DCYF, OHY, and the Student Achievement Council, must convene. The work group must include aligned nongovernmental agencies and a statewide nonprofit coalition that is representative of communities of color and people living in low-income communities. Requirements for the compositions of this work group and their annual reports are outlined.