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SB 6523: Relating to expanding higher education opportunities for certain students

SB 6523 establishes the Real Hope Act which expands availability of state need grants to certain students. The bill also makes an appropriation of 5 million dollars from the general fund to the student achievement council solely for the purpose of student financial aid payments under the state need grant program.

The bill identifies that the need grants are available to any person who has completed the full senior year of high school and obtained a high school diploma, either at a Washington public high school or an approved private high school or a person who has received the equivalent of a diploma, who has lived in Washington state for at least three years immediately before receiving the diploma or its equivalent, who has continuously lived in the state of Washington after receiving the diploma or its equivalent and until such time as the individual is admitted to an eligible institution of higher education and has been granted deferred action for childhood arrival status pursuant to the rules and regulations adopted by the United States citizenship and immigration services.

The Real Hope Act is the Senate version of the Dream Act, passed by the House.