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SB 6543: Relating to children and psychotropic medication

SB 6543 would require each school district to adopt a policy that prohibits school staff from denying any student access to programs or services because the parent or guardian of the student has refused to place the student on psychotropic medication. It further stipulates school staff shall not require a student to undergo psychological screening unless the parent or guardian of that student gives prior written consent before each instance of psychological screening. The bill indicates none of these mandates shall be construed in a way to create a prohibition against school staff from sharing a classroom-based observation with a parent or guardian regarding a student’s academic or function performance, a student’s behavior in the classroom, or the need for evaluation for special education or related services.

The bill would amend current law relating to investigations of child abuse and neglect to indicate a child shall not be taken into custody solely on the grounds that the child’s parent or guardian refuses to consent to the administration of a psychotropic medication to the child.