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SB 6593: Creating a new health profession for doulas

SB6593 creates a new profession for doulas.  A doula is a person trained to provide physical, emotional, or informational support to a pregnant woman before, during, and after delivery of a child including, but not limited to: support and assistance during labor and childbirth; prenatal and postpartum education; breastfeeding assistance; parenting education; and support in the event that a woman has been or will become separated from her child.

The legislation establishes that doulas could voluntarily register with the state DOH and obtain conferring obligations and privileges. 

The Secretary of Health will:

  • Establish registration and renewal fees, administrative procedures, administrative requirements, and forms
  • Maintain a record of all applicants and registrants
  • Hire clerical, administrative, and investigative staff as needed to implement Credit all fees collected under this chapter to the health professions

People can still work as a doula without registering with the state.