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SHB 1955: Creating uniformity in education requirements for students who are the subject of a dependency proceeding

SHB 1955 states that education records of students who are the subject of a dependency proceeding must be transferred to appropriate federally recognized Indian tribes or state agencies responsible for the implementation of the unaccompanied refugee minors program, or the Department of Children, Youth, and Families within two days of receiving the record transmit request. The bill strikes language related to the K-12 Data Governance Group’s responsibility to create a comprehensive needs requirement document and the data that document must provide. The bill extends provisions related to absence reviews, student information for enrollment, foster care liaisons, on-time grade level progression, state policies regarding continued enrollment in a current school, agency requirements for DCYF, and educational continuity to students who are the subject of a dependency proceeding. Additionally, if the student’s care placement changes to an area served by another school district and it is determined that is in the best interest of the child to remain in their original school district, the original school district and the new school district shall agree upon a method to apportion the responsibility and cost of providing the student with transportation to the original school.