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SHB 2034: Concerning juvenile records.

SHB 2034 states that any person who disseminates sealed or destroyed records of juvenile offenses shall be subject to legal action. A court may impose a penalty of $100 per day for each day that the record is shared or may impose other reliefs including injunctions for damages including mental pain and suffering. The bill requires that courts provide written notice to individuals whose records are sealed that includes information about the meaning of having a sealed juvenile record. State government agencies that conduct state-based background checks are prohibited from considering or using any information related to the commission of a juvenile justice offense unless the agency confirms that the official court record related to that offense remains open for public inspection.



2034 S: Removes government, governmental subdivisions, agencies, and municipalities from the list of entities that may be sued for disseminating sealed or destroyed records and restores liability protections for state and local governments and their officers and employees for the failure to destroy juvenile records.