Partners for Our Children

SJR 8200 would change articles IX, XVI, III, VII, XXVI of the Washington State Constitution and would have to be approved or rejected by Washington voters in the next general elections. This resolution would amend the articles as followed:

Article IX: SJR 8200 would change public schools to “publicly funded” schools thereby adding charter schools to the list of schools for which the legislature would have to provide. Additionally, it would change the common school fund to publicly funded school fund.

Article XVI: SJR 8200 amends that the publically funded school fund would replace the common school fund if voters ratify the resolution.

Article III: SJR 8200 would eliminate the superintendent of public instruction as supervisor of all matters related to public schools and his annual salary for that job.

Article VII: SJR 8200 changes the language of common school to publicly funded school system and amends the publicly funded school fund.

Article XXVI: SJR 8200 eliminate the fourth ordinance so that schools that are partly publicly funded can be included.