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Governor: Growing concern about toxic chemicals in consumer products makes it important to prioritize these chemicals and find safer alternatives. Using safer alternatives protects people from harmful chemicals in products, protects the environment from contamination that would require expensive cleanup, and prevents potential recontamination of existing cleanup sites. Removing toxic chemicals from products also helps permittees meet water quality discharge limits. Ongoing funding and FTE staff are provided to assess alternatives for toxic chemicals and to help businesses understand and incorporate the recommendations into their industrial processes.
House: Alternatives assessment (AA) is a process for identifying and comparing potential alternatives that could be used as substitutes for chemicals of high concern. Pursuant to Engrossed Second Substitute House Bill 1472 (Chemical action plans), ongoing funding and FTE staff are provided to require manufacturers to conduct AAs, to contract for an independent AA if needed, to prepare a summary report of reviewed AAs, and to make a determination of whether safer alternatives exist.