Partners for Our Children

Governor: The Office of Youth Homelessness (OYH) is created to prevent and end homelessness and to end the commercial sexual exploitation of youth. Funding is provided for operations and to provide staff training on identifying and engaging youth who have been victims of exploitation. Amounts provided from the Housing Trust Fund Account will be used for the Washington Youth and Families Fund that provides innovative housing models and research that assists the state’s rapid rehousing initiatives.
House: Funding and FTEs are provided to administer the Office of Youth Homelessness, pursuant to
Second Substitute House Bill 1436 (homeless youth).

Senate: Funding is provided to implement 2SSB 5404 (homeless youth) to create the Office of Homeless Prevention and Protection Programs which is tasked with decreasing the number of homeless youth and young adults. The Office must also provide management and oversight of HOPE centers, crisis residential centers and street youth services, which are transferred to the Office from the Department of Social and Health Services.