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Another week and another session has come and gone… AND a new session has begun!  On May 23rd, the first special session ended, and the Governor called the legislature back into session right away for a second special session.  While very few legislators have been in Olympia (for the most part), the House was in yesterday (May 25th) and passed a number of bills that had reverted as a result of not passing the Senate during the regular or first special session.

Some bills that were voted on yesterday that we have been tracking throughout the various sessions: HB 1661, the bill establishing the Department of Children, Youth, and Families; and HB 1624, the bill dealing with Working Connections Child Care for child welfare-involved children.  Both bills passed the House and will be sent to the Senate.  As you know, a special session can be no more than 30 days.  Here’s hoping that these and other bills, including the budget (!), will come to the floor of the Senate for a vote before the time elapses!

In the meantime, the legislators most involved with discussions related to McCleary are meeting regularly, and other budget negotiators have been seen around the Capitol!  Most are back in district, however, and many have returned to their non-legislative jobs.  It could be a good time to meet with your legislators to talk about issues from the 2017 session(s), concerns you have, agenda for the 2018 session, and activities to focus on during the second special session. 

Regarding the Bill Tracker, unless the legislature has taken action on bills, we will only send a brief update.  The next updates to the Bill Tracker will likely be made after sine die!

Keep sending positive thoughts to your legislators… while not likely, finishing up their work early on in this session would be fabulous! 

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Have a good and safe Memorial Day weekend!


Laurie Lippold

Public Policy Director