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FEBRUARY 24, 2023

Fiscal cut-off is upon us!  Bills with a fiscal impact have to be heard and passed by the end of the day today (24th) or they won’t advance to Rules. The Ways and Means committee met on Saturday (last Friday was policy committee cut-off) to hear a number of bills and have been putting in long hours to get through MANY bills by today’s cut-off. The House Appropriations committee has also been meeting every day to hear and pass a lot of bills. For example, yesterday the Ways and Means committee exec’d 54 bills and the Appropriations committee exec’d 35, in addition to hearing 13 bills. All this is to say, that they have been extremely busy and even with the number of bills that are being heard and exec’d, many are not getting heard and a number of bills, even if heard, are not exec’d. So much to do, so little time! 

What happens next? Floor action! It appears that neither the House nor Senate are meeting over the weekend so will start off Monday morning in their respective chamber considering some of the hundreds of bills that are still alive and moving. The cut-off for bills to get out of their original house is 5:00pm on March 8th. Rules will be meeting periodically along the way to determine which bills are going to be made eligible for a vote on the floor. More nail biting and hand wringing!! 

While the tracker is as up to date as possible, given the Ways and Means and Appropriations committees will be voting on more bills today. It should be noted that it can take time for to update their site so you may not be able to find out for a while things like, how members voted. Just keep checking!

Over the next couple of weeks there may be some committee hearings but not many. They will resume in full on March 9th with hearings on bills that came over from the opposite house. The cut off for opposite house bills to get out of the policy committees is March 29th…. A lot less time than there was for bills to get out of the original policy committees! Again, so much to do, so little time!

That’s it for now. Stay warm!

Here is the bill tracker for week seven: P4C week seven bill tracker 2023