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Welcome to Week 19 of the 2015 Legislative Session

We are officially through the 4th week of special session (19th week since the start of session!), and we have one more week until the end of the first special session. So what’s next? At this point, it depends on whether the legislature can resolve their budget differences, pass the bills necessary to implement the budget, pass capital and transportation budgets, and finish any other business they want to take care of. That’s a lot to accomplish in just a week, so it is very likely that there will need to be a second special session.

The Governor announced this week that if the legislature is not done by the end of the first special session, he will call them back right away, or very shortly thereafter. The revenue forecast, which was originally expected in the middle of June, was reported this past Monday (May 18th). Overall, it was positive – with an additional $106 million anticipated for the current biennium (2013-2015) and an additional $309 million for the 2015-2017 biennium. While it doesn’t make up the difference between what the House and Senate identify as necessary to address McCleary and the variety of other budget issues, it is at least moving in the right direction.

Out of the hundreds – if not thousands – of bills that were introduced during the 2015 session, 297 were signed into law by the Governor. The last day for bill action for the regular session was May 18th, so there will be minimal changes on the Bill Tracker moving forward. Also, while we will be monitoring and potentially including bills introduced during the first or second special sessions, there were none to report this week.

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Have a good weekend!

Laurie Lippold

Public Policy Director