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POC begins tracking federal legislation related to child and family well-being

Since 2012, Partners for Our Children has tracked and published summaries of hundreds of bills introduced by the Washington state legislature.
Today, April 4th, 2018, we are pleased to launch our new federal legislation tracker (click on the “federal bills” tab). The tracker, housed on the POC website, specifically focuses on federal bills that potentially impact child and family well-being, especially related to people most negatively affected by inequities.


POC is pleased to expand our efforts to inform interested stakeholders about what is happening in the national landscape. We anticipate updating the tracker monthly and will do our best to keep the bills up to date.
If you notice an error or discrepancy, please contact us. Also, please let us know about additional relevant federal bills for us to track.


For a more comprehensive tracking of Congressional activity, we recommend


Thank you!