Partners for Our Children


Announcing New Data Portal Tools

Partners for Our Children is committed to making child welfare data accessible, as well as easy to understand. Our Washington State Child Well-Being Data Portal allows you to access data on investigations and assessments, in-home services and out-of-home care. However, this tool might not be right for everyone. We know that people have different levels of understanding data, so we recently created a few more tools to better fit your needs:

  • Do you want quick and basic information about your county data? We now have tailored County Reports that provide a high-level overview of the child welfare system for each county in Washington State. These reports will be updated quarterly with new data. You can just click on the county you are interested in and download a PDF.
  • Are you interested in advanced data visualizations? Our County Comparisons tool – technically called a parallel coordinates plot – shows data for all counties across seven different factors, such as population, median days in foster care or percentage of reunification. Overall, this tool allows you to see how different areas of the state stack up against one another.

We encourage you to check out these tools. If you have any feedback on how we can make these better, please let us know –