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Paid Family and Medical Leave program begins in Washington state

As of January 2020, Washington has a new Paid Family and Medical Leave program for all workers in the state.  The program offers paid family and medical leave to eligilble employees, with a cap of $1000/week.  The benefit is based on income, with employees who have lower wages receiving a higher percentage as a benefit. The law allows benefits  for a serious health conditions, time off to take care of self or a family memeber, or to spend time with a family member preparing for overseas military service.  

Washington state’s Paid Family and Medical Leave program does not replace the federal Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA), and in many cases, PFML and FMLA will run concurrently.

Learn more about the new program on the website, which has information for individuals who may want to file for benefits, employers, and health care providers. Content is available in English and Spanish.

Here’s news coverage that helps explain the new program: