Status Summary

Introduced in 2017.
Passed the House 1/11/18.
First reading, referred to Senate Human Services & Corrections on 1/15.
Public hearing scheduled on 2/19 in the Senate Humans Services and Corrections committee and exec action scheduled for 2/23 at 10 a.m.
Executive action taken in the Senate Committee on Human Services & Corrections on 2/23. HSC - Majority; do pass. Minority; do not pass. Passed to Rules for second reading.
Placed on second reading by Rules Committee on 2/26.
On 2/28, Rules suspended and placed on third reading. Passed on third reading; yeas, 45; nays, 4; absent, 0; excused, 0.

On 3/3, Speaker signed, and on 3/6, President signed.

On 3/6, the bill was delivered to the Governor.

The Governor will take action on the bill on 3/9.

(updated 3/8)

Legislative Session



In Progress


Rep. Slatter

Allows unaccompanied youth, aged 13 and older, to give consent for the collection of personally identifying information for the Washington Homeless Client Management Information System.