Status Summary

Passed out of the House Committee on Early Learning & Human Services and on Feb 17 referred to House Appropriations Committee, but did not have a public hearing. This bill did not make it out of its committee by the cutoff deadline.

Legislative Session






HB 1784 would amend current Department of Health statute to create certified child safety standards. Child safety policy standards  must include: Screening and selecting employees and volunteer; guidelines on interactions between individuals; monitoring employee and volunteers; ensuring safe environments; responding to inappropriate behavior, breaches in policy, and allegations; and training about child sexual abuse prevention.  The bill would require the department to contract with a child safety certification provider to develop a certified child safety policy for all youth recreational organizations. Child safety certification provider means a nongovernmental organization that has experience I reducing the likelihood of child sexual assault and misconduct that is selected by the department to develop a certified child safety policy, certifying that youth recreational organizations have a child safety policy that meets minimum standards and providing assistance to youth recreational organizations in developing and implementing those child safety policies. The child safety certification provider would create a set of minimum standards that would be available by January 1, 2018 and that youth recreational organizations would have to meet. Additionally the bill would require the department to select a five county pilot program and collaborate with the child safety certification provider and local governments to ensure that all local government youth recreational organizations have established and implemented a certified child safety policy by December 1, 2018. The bill would also require the department to submit a report to the legislator by December 15, 2018.